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What is eco-construction?

Eco-construction is a method of building and using houses and buildings in a sustainable way so that they harmonise with the environment.

The optimisation of the ecological potential of a building is highly important and using recyclable material is essential, for example,  pallet wood or used car tyres.   During production and after finishing the building it is vital to produce as little waste as possible and to be more economical with natural resources such as water and wood.


Up until now the inhabitants of the rain forest in our area have not had a fresh water supply or wastewater disposal.

Wastewater seeps unfiltered into the soil, for example, when washing dishes in the river and in addition to this there are no toilets.

Our solution:

Systems, such as the "Banana toilet", can be implemented easily and at a low cost. The use of rain water can improve the people’s quality of life and reduce the effects on the environment immensely.

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